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Directed classes for EXCEPTIONAL young artists

I am a qualified teacher with a background in the visual field. I've been a graphic designer, a stylist working on London Fashion week, a painter working on specialist painting such as marbling, a painter working in oils and gold leaf, in colored pencil and oil pastel and a jewelry designer. And my aim is to provide atelier style drawing classes focusing on skill based learning.


Term 2  2022

This term is  about Lino and designing. We shall be drawing objects from life and then creating the first letter of our names in the style of an illuminated manuscript . Hopefully we shall have some time for calligraphy too!

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About Drawing room for kids

Classes proven to aid in the development of young artists.

DRAWING ROOM For KIDS is a place where exceptional children can come and draw in a supportive environment. To learn about  the fundamental elements  and constructive knowledge of drawing, in order to hone their talents. 

We learn to draw from still life, and from models, and we do not trace from photographs. Therefore, our classes are very directed and parents need to be aware that only children that are willing to learn to a high standard  and have a mature attitude will be accepted.  Therefore children over 9 will find these classes more easier understood.


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