DRAWING ROOM For KIDS - Art classes for children 10 years plus interested in following

About Us
DRAWING ROOM For KIDS came about through the growing movement of ateliers both in Australia and overseas, that are once again promoting the  fundamental skills of drawing. 
For a long time, these skills were not taught, due to the feelings of some of the artistic and academic community early on in the last century,who considered   the "old "type art schools that drilled line and tone,  a block to creativity. However, more recently with the expansion of ateliers teaching drawing skills, both here and overseas, there is a growing  feeling within some of the artistic community, that these skills form a structure of understanding in order for creativity to grow. For children this means a return to honing fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills.
DRAWING ROOM For KIDS therefore, is a unique place, in that not only are children immersed in a place of creativity, but we concentrate on children understanding and being able to apply the basic ideas of accuracy, line, form  and eventually  tone - leading them onto the tonal basis of painting.

DRAWING ROOM For KIDS supports  the spirit of creativity at RQAS and Hands on Art, in which sound principles and practice support the ability for children to learn and appreciate drawing skills. This requires a certain maturity and understanding that these skills do not come over night. Drawing and painting are something which will continue for as long as a person wishes to expand their creative horizon, just in the same way as music or the performing arts. The children do not copy or trace from photographs, and they do not draw from imagination, they draw from life, in the knowledge that a grounding in skills will make their imaginative work that much stronger. In this way DRAWING ROOM FOR KIDS is different to other kids art classes.
Please be aware that the classes end at 6pm, and we would be appreciative of parents 
picking up their children promptly.
Looking forward to meeting you!!