Jacquline Calvert-Lane

Artist and Teacher

I was trained as a Graphic Designer In England with a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design gained from the Norwich School for Art. I studied my Bachelor of Education and started working as a teacher of in 2006 where art education was always an intricate part of my classroom. As far as visual art and actually learning to draw, there were no specialist teachers in Primary education, thus I started Drawing Room For Kids in 2011.


My teaching style


Refined By Experince

My classes are directed. Children learn to draw from objects and still life and occasionally photographs. There is no tracing! No projected images! We learn to move from Line and Form into Tone. We learn about Composition. We learn about Perspective. And we have fun doing it! Learning to draw is like playing an instrument. It takes time and perseverance. Its not just about making a mark- knowing how to hold a pencil- its about observation- and when you understand that its also about showing your vision of the world to the world. Drawing isn’t just having a skill- its a place you go to.

For a long time, these skills were not taught, due to the feelings of some of the artistic and academic community early on in the last century, who considered   the "old "type art schools that drilled line and tone,  a block to creativity. However, more recently with the expansion of ateliers teaching drawing skills, both here and overseas, there is a growing  feeling within some of the artistic community, that these skills form a structure of understanding in order for creativity to grow. For children this means a return to honing fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills.

DRAWING ROOM For KIDS supports the spirit of creativity at RQAS and Hands on Art, in which sound principles and practice support the ability for children to learn and appreciate drawing skills. This requires a certain maturity and understanding that these skills do not come over night. Drawing and painting are something which will continue for as long as a person wishes to expand their creative horizon, just in the same way as music or the performing arts.


Available from 27/04/2021

4.00 PM


Mondays we are at RQAS at Petrie Terrace. We start a little earlier there at 4pm until 5.30pm Your child does not need to bring anything with them- unless they have special dietery requirements as we stop for tea!



Tuesdays we are at The Substation in Paddington. We start at 4:30pm and go to 6pm. I have only 3 spaces left at this venue and those spots will be taken by people on the waiting list still interested. Once again afternoon tea is provided unless you wish your child to bring their own Please call me if you would like to know more on 0401958995


This is a very limited class run from my home and is fully booked.

Home Studio


Thursday from 29th April

Thursday from the 29th April we will be at the Substation! Please sure you have contacted me and paid for the first class to book your spot. This class is filling fast so make sure you have booked!