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Well, that was an interesting start to the year.I wont bore you with a political rant but my fingers are crossed that everyone reading this is safe and well

I had hope to begin classes on the 31st January but as school has been delayed until the 7th February thats when we will start.

I have to make sure that the venues I currently use have plans in place to be COVID safe so I will update any new information here.

This term I am hoping to not only resist skills but we are going to design a letter for out names as in an illuminated manuscript. It would be great to create our own typeface- something I might look into with the more advanced students! Until then PLEASE draw in your sketch books! Anything and everything! Observation is the key! Jacquie

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Classes have resumed as of the 1st of February! If you are interested in attending please get in contact with me


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