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Important News!

I have been informed at the end of last term.that the Substation in Paddington is closing for renovations. These are expected to last until next year. Therefore I have moved my,Tuesday Class to the Paddington Hall. I shall be texting everyone to let them.know the address with the time slot being the same. I have not decided about the Thursday class, which could be moving to a new spot altogether, just have to see what happens, but I shall keep everyone informed. Classes start back the week of the 11th October.

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Well, that was an interesting start to the year.I wont bore you with a political rant but my fingers are crossed that everyone reading this is safe and well I had hope to begin classes on the 31st Jan

Classes Have Started!

Classes have resumed as of the 1st of February! If you are interested in attending please get in contact with me


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